StraightShot Inc. strives to provide each athlete with personalized with personalized consulting that will help them succeed not only in finding their college, but to succeed in life.

College Recruiting Initial Consult- 120$ per hour. This includes an initial consultation, talent evaluation, college list prep, and a marketing gameplan. Each client receives a packet that includes valuable information such as an NCAA academic workbook, resume and intro letter templates, NCAA rules and regulations booklet, tips sheet for a college visit, and more.  A gameplan is laid out in this consultation to include steps on academic success as well as marketing to college coaches. Initial meetings can be arranged at locations convenient to the client or online.

College Recruiting Additional Consults - $120.00 per hour.  This includes executing the gameplan laid out from the initial consult and can include, but is not limited to: steps on academic success, marketing to college coaches, planning, outreach, etc. Initial meetings can be arranged at locations convenient to the client or online.

Hourly Consulting- $120 per hour. Aside from the initial consultation some clients need guidance in compiling a top notch resume and intro letter, guidance on marketing tools such as updating coaches, creating a college list and advising on campus visits.  StraightShot Inc. is skilled in final scholarship decision- making and finding the right fit for our clients.  Fees such as resume design, intro letter design, video taping, website design, and other outside marketing costs are not included in the hourly consulting fee.  

Workshops-  Workshop fees are 35.00 person or 90.00 for a family. PGA, LPGA Professionals, all Professional Instructors and High School Coaches are free of charge. Workshops are held throughout the year which include substantial packet information of resume templates, intro letter tips, NCAA rules and regulations sheets, questions to ask on a college visit, NCAA academic workbooks, clearinghouse information and more.  Workshops usually run two hours and can be set up by contacting Betty Baird Kregor at 502-321-2736 or or simply fill out the contact form by Clicking Here

Mental Game Using Disc - 120.00 an hour. Betty has athletes of all levels and sports as clients in her life coaching business using the DISC personality profile system.  Her basic belief is to help athletes achieve "balance" in their profile to maintain high performance levels and keep athletes in the "process" of improvement.  Meetings can be arranged via phone, FaceTime, or in person at a location best suited for the athlete.

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