DISC Profiling with Betty

Straightshot Inc. is proud to offer DISC personality profiling from an officially licensed DISC representative.The results of your test are used in helping improve your athletic performance, find the right coach and college fit and much more.

Knowing your personality can be beneficial insearching for important factors such as coaching style, size and location of a school that fits YOU. For athletic performance and mental game improvement, the DISC system allows me to see what type of personality traits you have to help maximize your performance during competition.

Know with confidence how to consistently perform at your best by taking a free DISC profile test. Through building self-awareness you can take your performance from ‘good’ to ‘great’ every time.  It is not just about physical training and conditioning.Understanding how and why you perform as you do is the key to becoming ‘self-aware’. Once you, as an athlete, become self-aware, you can start to recognize the finer details relating to personality, behavior and motivation that consistently draw out your best training and best performances.  No matter what level athlete you are, the importance of profiling in sport cannot be overstated.

Betty will guide you to understand the importance of "balance" in your personality and improve performance, relationships with coaches and parents, and take you to the next level. 


Instructions: Take your personality test today! Please print the results and bring to your consultation or contact Betty with the results at BKregor@aol.com