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  • So You Want To Play College Golf: Part Six- The Importance of Video in College Golf Recruiting

    Step Six-  The Importance of Video in College Golf Recruiting

    A video of your golf talent is an essential part of the college recruiting process. It may not win you an athletic scholarship, but it can certainly get you noticed. 

    In the past, professionals were needed to create expensive marketing videos that were mailed to coaches! Today, with smart phones and apps like iMovie, anyone can create a professional quality segment to showcase their abilities. 

    Here are some basic tips to make your own video: 
    • Film a short introduction stating your name, year of graduating class and high school you attend.  The iMovie app allows you to type information across the screen. Remember to dress appropriately! 
    • Film segments such as putting, chipping, pitching, irons, woods and driver that showcase your strengths.  Placing alignment sticks on the ground allow the coach to view your fundamentals of set up, posture and alignment as well as swing mechanics.  Ask your PGA or LPGA professional for help if you are not sure how to correctly use alignment sticks. 
    • iMovie has a font feature where you can type yardage and club information.  This is valuable information to coaches and instructors that view the film. 
    • iMovie allows you to "drop" each film segment into one video that should be no longer than two minutes.  Coaches are busy and don't have time to look at long videos.  They only need a few seconds of each shot to evaluate your talent and potential.  
    • Upload the film to YouTube and copy the "link" to that video to include in email correspondence to coaches and list on your resume. 
    • Some elite junior players elect to market themselves through their own website or other recruiting services.  Your video can be uploaded to your website or other web services who host your profile, resume and videos.  
    Here is an example of a College Golf Recruiting Swing Video: 

    StraightShot Inc. assists junior golfers in the production of college recruiting videos.  Contact Betty for more information on how StraightShot can assist in filming, editing and consulting in this essential form of marketing your skills.  For more information- please visit or email! 

    Betty Baird Kregor is an LPGA Master Teaching Professional and owner of StraightShot Inc., specializing in the DISC personality system to mentor and advise athletes of all ages and abilities. 

    In 2014, Kregor retired from over 27 years of teaching golf to consult athletes in the mental aspects of sport an serve as a "performance coach" for goals, scheduling, practice programs, college advising and more. 

    Her LPGA education in DISC profiling allows an athlete to maximize their performance with "self awareness" of their strengths and weaknesses. It is also an important tool in finding the right college fit which is a component of Kregor's expertise. College athletic consulting is a service that benefits 9-12th graders in learning how to market their talents, schedule college visits and value the importance of academics. 

    If you are interested in contacting Betty regarding a consult or workshop please visit for more information.