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  • So You Want To Play College Golf: Part Five- Tips On Creating A Resume for College Golf Coaches

    Step Five-  Tips On Creating A Resume for College Golf Coaches

    Every college golf coach expects to see a well formatted resume when considering a high school golfer for their team. It is usually your first introduction of yourself to a coach and it is crucial that it contain the information that a coach wants to see.  Unfortunately, finding a template and gathering information for a college golf resume is one of the most overwhelming steps in the recruiting process.

    StraightShot Inc. has helped thousands of junior golfers over the years in learning what information college coaches want to see in a resume.  Here are some tips and a template to help you get started:

    • Always refer to what year of high school you are in under your name.

    • A headshot picture is a good idea added to the upper right corner of the resume.

    • There is nothing more important to profile than your grades and test scores! College coaches look at grades first and then check your social media accounts before they start studying your stats or scores.

    • Include clubs, activities and community service.  It is very important to show interests other than golf.

    • List 6-8 tournament results from the last 12 months.  Do not include events from past years.

    • Include date, yardage, city, course, and other detailed info regarding your tournament.  Coaches like to see where you placed in the event as well as your score!

    • References are very important in a college sports resume!  Ask for permission from your references first and the list their title and include contact info.

    • Always attach your resume when emailing a coach for the first time and update your resume frequently to update coaches on your academics, extracurricular activities and tournament scores.  One of the biggest tips in recruiting is to update coaches on your progress and play.

    Betty is available for college advising. For more information- please visit or email! 

    Betty Baird Kregor is an LPGA Master Teaching Professional and owner of StraightShot Inc., specializing in the DISC personality system to mentor and advise athletes of all ages and abilities. 

    In 2014, Kregor retired from over 27 years of teaching golf to consult athletes in the mental aspects of sport an serve as a "performance coach" for goals, scheduling, practice programs, college advising and more. 

    Her LPGA education in DISC profiling allows an athlete to maximize their performance with "self awareness" of their strengths and weaknesses. It is also an important tool in finding the right college fit which is a component of Kregor's expertise. College athletic consulting is a service that benefits 9-12th graders in learning how to market their talents, schedule college visits and value the importance of academics. 

    If you are interested in contacting Betty regarding a consult or workshop please visit for more information.