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  • So You Want To Play College Golf: Part Three- Creating Your College List

    Step Three: Creating Your College List

    Build your list based on your personality and eligibility!

    It's never too soon to begin starting a list of colleges or universities that match your academic and talent level in your sport. If you happen to be a potential all star and interested in NCAA Division I sports, you should begin your list in 9th grade. It is a very competitive recruiting process and you have to begin early. Don't wait for coaches to find you! Here are some tips in beginning to compile your list:

    • Trust a PGA, LPGA, former playing professional or coach to give you an objective talent evaluation. If you attend a camp or combine ask for guidance in seeing where your talent fits in the collegiate world. There are many different levels of play and you want your list of schools and programs to match your ability. To be recruited, you must be contacting schools where your athletic abilities match what coaches are looking for at that level. In my opinion, there's a school for just about any serious athlete. It takes research to find those programs.

    • With your talent evaluation, you can now attend a college golf tournament of schools that fit your athletic ability. Search the school website for tournament schedules and go watch them in action. This is the best tip I can give you! Go see in action the coaching styles, athleticism and talent needed for that division. Start developing your college list of schools that match your talent level and review your DISC personality profile test ( to begin planning what type coach and campus environment you desire.

    • Ask around! Find former players, current college players in your area, coaches and alums for information on schools they know that fit your abilities. 

    • Talk to your high school counselor about colleges that for your academically.

    • Join and begin searching schools on line  that fit your criteria such as major, population, ACT and SAT scores, and more.  This searchable directory of golf programs allows you to see what handicap or scoring average you need to be considered at those programs.   This service also gives you the coach's name, phone contact and email address needed to create your contact list. 

    • A good marketing list has over 30 schools and you can add or remove schools as you narrow down your focus of what criteria is important to you.  If you happen to have excellent athletic skills, have a broad array of divisions on your list. Be open minded to all divisions and associations at this point prior to visiting. You never know what will be your best fit!

    • Start an excel file of the school, coach's name and contact info, ACT or SAT requirements, location, college division and more criteria. You may want to add blank tabs to later describe notes on your visit such as cost, dorm conditions, aid offered, coaching style and other factors that will impact your decision. Recording notes on your visit is the best way to make a mature decision later.


     Betty is available for college advising. For more information- please visit or email! 

    Betty Baird Kregor is an LPGA Master Teaching Professional and owner of StraightShot Inc., specializing in the DISC personality system to mentor and advise athletes of all ages and abilities. 

    In 2014, Kregor retired from over 27 years of teaching golf to consult athletes in the mental aspects of sport an serve as a "performance coach" for goals, scheduling, practice programs, college advising and more. 

    Her LPGA education in DISC profiling allows an athlete to maximize their performance with "self awareness" of their strengths and weaknesses. It is also an important tool in finding the right college fit which is a component of Kregor's expertise. College athletic consulting is a service that benefits 9-12th graders in learning how to market their talents, schedule college visits and value the importance of academics. 

    If you are interested in contacting Betty regarding a consult or workshop please visit for more information.